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Publication requires persistence, hard work, and knowledge of writing techniques.





Your first step is to consider yourself a working writer. Perhaps you already do since you’re reading this page.

Like you, I’m a working writer with ongoing projects. Mine include a mystery called Fatal Charm, and a romantic suspense novel under the working title Arms of Death. As I write, I use the fiction techniques of the Master Instructor Dwight V. Swain. The same ones I’ve used for my previous works: picture books, chapter books for children, short stories (contemporary, literary, and religious), and novels (historical fiction and mysteries) for YA and Adults. I also applied his fiction techniques to my nonfiction history books.

In short, Swain’s principles and techniques are ideal for all literary and commercial writings for any reading audience.

For over 25 years, I’ve taught Swain’s methods through colleges, conventions, private organizations, biennials, webinars and quiet settings such as libraries and coffee shops. Although I never met him, I had the distinct honor of a telephone conversation with him while in Oklahoma for an awards ceremony for my first historical fiction novel. I told him, with sincere pride, that the nomination for the Oklahoma Book Award came about because I adhered to the writing principles from his book, The Techniques of the Selling Writer (University of Oklahoma Press).



As an instructor, coach and editor, I take pride in my dedication to the art of writing; I know you take equal pride in your craft as a writer.



Your frustrations may seem insurmountable, but you can defeat them with my help. Learn how to schedule, research, plot, outline, write, revise, and submit your story for publication.



Often, writers liken themselves to jugglers tossing up balls—the desire to create mixed with life’s responsibilities. Overwhelmed, some writers drop those balls and abandon their projects. The trick is to apply an organizational plan to your work just as you do any other job. I’ve developed concrete approaches to juggling those many balls—simple ideas that have proven successful for my clients.



Plotting is my particular area of expertise. If crafting a well-rounded plot and outline poses difficulties for you, let me guide you through the framework of a story with a true beginning, middle and end. Your goal would become my goal: a defined, memorable story from the first page to the last.

Book Coaching Fee

10 dollars per page, or 50 dollars an hour. Group sessions can be arranged. References are available.


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